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Silk Summary 05/31/2023

Silk Summary: If you don’t think foreign influences doesn’t/didn’t touch our elections in 2020, or before then, please change your source of news. One shouldn’t rely on just one place to source...

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Alan Nathan Show 05/31/2023

THE ALAN NATHAN SHOW IS LIVE TODAY AT 5PM ET: Democrats say FL Gov Ron DeSantis is a threat to Democracy despite how he successfully fought their own anti-Democratic dictatorial Covid protocols thus exposing them as the greatest...

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Alan Nathan Show 05/30/2023

THE ALAN NATHAN SHOW IS LIVE TODAY AT 5PM ET: CNN Poll yields crushing news for Biden’s reelection prospects which mirrors similarly devastating news delivered recently by an ABC-Washington Post Poll – nobody wants him and...

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The Poetic Gourmette 05/29/2023

The Poertic Gourmette: Bananas: The Surprising Superfood for Fighting Cancer and Heart Disease If you try and incorporate the super foods in your diet, you will find you have a healthier life. Add exercise to that and you will...

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