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Silk Summary 05/25/2023

Silk Summary: 30 TONS OF EXPLOSIVE CHEMICALS GO MISSING ON TRAIN How come the company kept this under wraps for over a month? Do officials really believe the story from the company that it fell off the train along the way?...

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Alan Nathan Show 05/26/2023

THE ALAN NATHAN SHOW IS LIVE TODAY AT 5PM ET: Ruling 9-0, SCOTUS dramatically cuts the regulatory wings of the EPA by finding it could not repeatedly fine people for building a home on their own land just because it’s near a...

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Silk Summary 05/24/2023

Silk Summary: I guess AOC in all her infinite wisdom, must have skipped classes in school and at Boston University, as she has NO idea what her Democratic Party was up to before she decided to join its ranks! SO tired of those...

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