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Silk Summary: Covid Blame

Since the onset of Covid 19, many Governors who didn’t handle the situation right, looked for someone to blame other than themselves or their advisers. Most, went right for the President. Either he was xenophobic, then...

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Alan Nathan – 10/16/20

SUBJECTS: Trump and Biden do their separate townhalls with Trump subjected to hardball pitches as Biden gets little-league tosses – DO THEY THINK WE’RE BLIND? //While the president’s NBC moderator (Savannah Guthrie) behaved like...

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Silk Summary – White Supremacy

Maybe what one should do today, in the world of fake news, disinformation, is research a story, find out if what you are truly reading, or listening to, is real, or incredibly made-up ramblings, that have no basis in reality!...

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Alan Nathan

SUBJECTS: Twitter & fb are censoring the NY Post’s evidence of what Joe Biden had always denied – that he had executive-contacts at Burisma. How severe should be the repercussions for both Biden’s lie and these...

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Silk Summary – DeSantis

Great to see a Governor having backbone! Unlike the States that have let many of their cities become war zones, with businesses closing, citizens losing everything they worked for, Florida, will not allow what the rabid Lefties...

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