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Alan Nathan – 11/21/22

SUBJECTS: Out-of-control government spending drives sky-high inflation, but the lame-duck Congress might eliminate the few remaining restrictions on deficit spending. //Nancy Pelosi gives up on congressional leadership as...

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Alan Nathan – 11/18/22

SUBJECTS: House GOP leadership announces evidence proving Biden lied when claiming he was neither aware of nor involved with Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, & that Hunter’s laptop shows “a decade-long pattern...

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Silk Summary: Charles Barkley

Bravo for Charles Barkley, former basketball star, for calling out anyone who thinks those who questions the fairness, accuracy of our elections has ground and loads of standing! People from ALL walks of life question our last...

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Alan Nathan – 11/17/22

SUBJECTS: Despite over 5 million illegal crossovers since President Biden took office (with over 2.3 million of them occurring in 2022 alone), DHS Sec Alejandro Mayorkas still claims that “the border is secured”...

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In Praise of Non-conformity

Karen Kataline All my life, I have railed against conformity and superficiality.  I’ve never been a fan of superficial non-conformity either. Think of the stunningly conformist, ‘non-conformity’ of the sixties. Communism...

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