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Alan Nathan – 1-20-21

SUBJECTS: We’re covering the ongoing national rift over the legitimacy of Biden as President as he is sworn into office – will he forever be known as ‘Biden-the-Pretender’? //The House will be sending over its 2nd package...

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Silk Summary: Rabid Lefties

This is what rabid Lefties do when someone disagrees with their failed logic, their no facts reporting, statements, they insult, they boycott, they commit violence! They created a ‘cancel culture’, which maybe, if we...

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Alan Nathan – 1/19/21

SUBJECTS: National Guard plans to have DC on lockdown while Big Tech has Trump Supporters locked-out, both due to one protest- by their own measure here should the Left never be allowed to speak again after what they did in...

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Silk Summary: Breaking

BREAKING!!! Wait till he gives Dennis Montgomery, CIA whistleblower, freedom from his gag order. He’s the guy who ratted on the ALL the bad actors, including Obama, regarding Hammer and the program Scorecard!...

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