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Alan Nathan – 6/23/22

SUBJECTS: The WHO now acknowledges the accuracy of the “lab-leak theory” as the cause of Covid-19’s assault on the world – much to the chagrin of the entire Left universe still calling such developments...

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Alan Nathan – 6/21/22

SUBJECTS: Ratings prove that few care about the Dems’ Jan 6th single party committee (w/2 Never Trump Dem allies) as they laughably call that Capitol Hill breach a “threat to democracy” while ignoring the deaths...

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Alan Nathan – 6/20/22

Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: SUBJECTS: Biden lashes out at oil companies over high gas prices after 17 months of doing everything he can to raise them- did he land on his self-awareness when he fell off his bike? Silk...

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When life becomes cheap, so becomes yours.

Karen Kataline A certain segment of our population is terrified that Roe v. Wade could be overturned. While it bears reminding that the repeal of the 1973 Supreme Court decision would still not outlaw abortion, single-issue...

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