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Alan Nathan – 4/19/21

SUBJECTS: Tyrannical elites play with your money and emotions while playing you for a fool- how long will we play along? MSRN Projects Manager Joe is filling-in for Alan Nathan while he works on his new book. Listen Live:...

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Silk Summary – Fake News All Along

The rabid Left kept feeding the media lies. The media kept reporting on lies. Anyone who said otherwise was a Trump lover, racist, or someone suffering from some made up malady the Left made up! Sick bastards! Read More...

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Alan Nathan – 4/16/21

SUBJECTS: Dems pack the court, claiming both that they are “unpacking” it and this move is part of improving our “infrastructure”- haven’t we had enough of them damaging our language as much as they’re damaging the country? //Is...

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Silk Summary: The Real Border

Think you know what’s going on at our borders? The Pretender, illegal resident of the WH has opened up our borders and let the worst of the worst in! Wonder why some areas are having explosive new Covid numbers?...

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Alan Nathan 4/15/21

SUBJECTS: As reported by The Washington Times, in 2017 NIAID Dir Fauci & NIH’s Dr. Collins unilaterally authorized “Gain-of-Function” research (in China’s Wuhan Lab) which is a genetic engineering device that enhances a...

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