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Silk Summary

This “cancel culture”, the bullshit “woke” and the vitriol that is being spewed by those in the media, lawmakers, should be condemned on EVERY level and those responsible voted out of office and boycotted...

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Alan Nathan – 8/3/20

SUBJECTS: Will fraud-ridden mail-in voting’s increasing unpopularity rub off on its supporters? //CNBC poll shows Biden slumping in several battleground states- is it time he came out of hiding? //Is society “systemically...

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A New Back To School Plan

Back-to-school season is much different this year. Shouldn’t your campaign also be different, especially since shoppers won’t have the luxury of seeing huge selections in one pass. Let’s face it- there’s...

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Alan Nathan – 7/31/20

Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: opposition: April Hill-Harris Poll = 67 percent support | July WashPost-ABC Poll = 59% against (with most fearing fraud) – so was Trump smart to restart the debate with his tweet? //New...

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