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Alan Nathan – 1/11/22

SUBJECTS: We’ll debate why Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor and the Left continue announcing the craziest and most easily debunked Covid alarmism claims on the planet //We’re additionally covering the antithetically named...

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New for ’22: Truth Express Radio!

Karen Kataline For 30 years, Erskine has successfully dared to investigate the truth, examine the mysterious, and enjoy the humor. He is a man of many talents having a background in entertainment, investigation, business...

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Poetic Gourmette:

Eating at night is really a no no! It doesn’t matter if you have any condition or are healthy! Your body slows down at night and needs to regroup after a long day keeping up with whatever you have thrown at it!   Most...

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Alan Nathan – 1/7/22

SUBJECTS: WI GOP Sen Johnson skewers Big Tech’s censorship for using grounds that are as bias as the decisions they justify – so, how do we stop partisan government censoring Non-Left voices done through their Big Tech proxy...

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