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SUBJECTS: Some investigators on Mueller’s team have much in common with illegal immigrants as both groups are crossing lines that violate laws – will they be stopped with more effective means than have thus far been...

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SUBJECTS: Some Mueller investigators say that his report is more damaging to Trump than Atty-Gen Barr’s summary indicates, but they still don’t counter anything Barr actually stated – why? //Democratic...

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SUBJECTS: House Speaker Pelosi says none of the accusations against former VP Joe Biden “disqualifies him from being president,” but felt the opposite about accusations against then SCOTUS nominee Judge Kavanaugh –...

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SUBJECTS: FISA warrants based on DNC-fabricated evidence were not on Mueller’s menu, so Trump plans to serve their unredacted versions to the public. //Trump looks at running in 2020 on his fulfilled 2016 promises while...

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SUBJECTS: Trump continues his fiery victory lap with massive crowds in Michigan over Mueller clearing him of any Russian Collusion while Establishment Republicans like Karl Rove urge him to back off in favor of caution –...

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