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Alan Nathan – 9/17/21

SUBJECTS: The Hill reports that Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Mark Milley now says it’s ok that he promised the enemy (i.e., China) a ‘heads-up’ before any American attack on them – is he correct, or deserving of a...

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Alan Nathan – 9/16/21

SUBJECTS: Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Milley “allegedly” bypassed the chain of command to help China but did not bypass the chain of command to save Americans in Afghanistan- which country does he work for? //Media, government,...

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Silk Summary: Judge for Yourself

‘That’s Treason, It’s a Crime’: Tucker Carlson Unloads on Real ‘Coup’ After Bombshell Milley Revelations by Kyle Becker about 9 hours ago Tucker Carlson on Tuesday unleashed one of his darkest monologues ever on the dangerous...

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Alan Nathan – 9/15/21

SUBJECTS: Chair of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Gen Mark Milley had allegedly promised China a heads-up before any US attack on their country might be executed, and he used his view of Trump’s fitness as the justification for...

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Silk Summary: Breaking News

Polls outside LA yesterday reported elder citizens who showed up to vote, were told they already voted. The poll workers were quoted as saying “this has been happening a lot today!” Apparently, they were given...

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