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Alan Nathan – 10/14/20

SUBJECTS: What do you do when you’re a Democrat and you’re confronted with a stellar candidate for the US Supreme Court? Keep whining about the Affordable Care Act which no one likes anyway, and keep scaring people....

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Silk Summary – China

For too long, our Presidents have become milk toast around world leaders, especially from China! Our trade issues have boiled over to unfairness and unevenness. It took someone with no political agenda, no allegiance to any...

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Alan Nathan – 10/13/20

SUBJECTS: With religious freedom under direct attack right now along with the other 4 pillars of the First Amendment, doesn’t that make religious bigotry everyone’s problem? //When the media becomes the story, where...

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Liberty is on the Ballot Nov. 3

More Americans openly defending Socialism Karen Kataline “You don’t know much about today’s socialism. You are recalling what you were taught in high school. Governments and countries evolve…” That’s a portion of a full throated...

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Alan Nathan – 10/8/20

SUBJECTS: Debate overnights have Pence winning 70/30 in many polls, while Harris is not likable and not trusted by large numbers in BOTH Parties. Should Repubs start reminding people that she’s really running for...

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