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SUBJECTS: NYT complains when caught setting standards on bigotry for others that it can’t meet- but then, what else do you expect from self-proclaimed bigots? //As Bernie, Biden, and Warren vie for top spot in the polls, Bernie...

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SUBJECTS: The Washington Post slams Democratic Presidential Primary frontrunner Joe Biden for telling a memory-bereft “false war story” – so is the Left’s lineup now comprised of the Impaired, the Socialists and the Single-digit...

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SUBJECTS: Fmr US Attorney Joe diGenova tells WMAL Radio & The Wash Examiner that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has found that the FBI illegally obtained all 4 warrants on former Trump Campaign Advisor Carter Page –...

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SUBJECTS: NYT cries foul after being held to its own standards on matters of bigotry and says what applies to politicians should not apply to them – is an “in-your-face” goose-gander meeting long overdue? //Dem Presidential...

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