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Alan Nathan – 2/3/20

SUBJECTS: Democrats still smarting from GOP-led Senate trial not willing to do the House Prosecution’s witness work. //Chief Justice Roberts gets informally overruled by the Senate, sparing him from being formally overruled...

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Alan Nathan 1-31-20

SUBJECTS: Senate Republicans have votes to block the witnesses Democrats demand (but skipped during their own House impeachment phase) – do Lefties have any moral authority screaming for that which they said would be too...

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Alan Nathan 1/30/20

SUBJECTS: Trump rallies in New Jersey while Democrats continue impeachment in hopes of removing him from the ballot- what next? //And, we crown it all off by discussing the Corona virus with Dr. Martina Cartwright. Kathleen...

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Alan Nathan – 1/28/20

SUBJECTS: The NY Times’ story about former Nat’l Security Adv John Bolton claiming Trump wanted a quid-pro-quo with the Ukraine government (defined as aid-for-investigating-the-Bidens) proves to be at odds with the actions and...

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