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Alan Nathan 5/4/21

SUBJECTS: Do you think the Left will simply “de-fund” the police and not replace them with their own federalized police force? Of course they will. That’s all part of the tyrannical government they’re...

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Spring Into Summer!

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, but as colleges end their semesters and Memorial Day approaches, it sure is starting to feel like summer! That also means it’s time to heat up those summer campaigns...

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Joe Biden and the Democrats’ Poison Apple

 Karen Kataline Does it seem like you’re living in a cartoon when you watch the news these days? People everywhere are pretending that a virus that is 99.86% non-lethal is the greatest crisis facing America. Pardon me, but I...

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Alan Nathan 5/3/21

SUBJECTS: Democrats tell us we are a racist country with racist citizens while teaching our schoolkids we’re all racist, then provably-racist Biden says America is not racist- what’s going on? “Silk Or Joe Show” Co-Host Joe is...

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Alan Nathan 4/30/21

SUBJECTS: We’re taking another look at Biden-the-Pretender’s speech and GOP Sen Tim Scott’s superior response to it with a concentration on the issues of Race and Socialism. //Biden also says that our Bill of...

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