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Silk Summary 7-24-19

Interesting how 1/3 Democrats believe that any White Politician who criticizes a Politician of Color, they are a racist! What the hell? What happens when it is reversed? How absolutely absurd that in 2019, we are talking about...

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Silk Summary 7-8-19

Over the holiday weekend, another dangerously ignorant Congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib, decided to double down on her ignorant pal, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez statement, saying; “I absolutely believe and agree with AOC,...

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Silk Summary 7-2-19

As the summer rolls on, so does the repetitiveness of the Democrats message! What we don’t hear beside “free”, is what they would actually do if they did regain the White House. So far, Democrat’s main...

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Silk Summary 7-1-19

Last week we saw the President traveling overseas and 2 Presidential Candidate debates. A lot of news for one week, but unfortunately most won’t see the REAL news and happenings! China and America will restart trade talks...

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Silk Summary 6-28-19

As the second night of Democratic debates took stage, it seems the second group of candidates like the first, want to give FREE healthcare to those who are not citizens of this country. A FAIR study in 2017 found illegal...

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