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Silk Summary 6-27-19

CNN’s Phil Mudd: “Clock Ticking” For Democrats Before Barr Finds Out How Trump Probe Started. Mudd also said, he would bet a whole paycheck that the dossier created by Steele that was bought and paid for by...

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Silk Summary 6-27-19

Before the 2018 elections, the time Alexandria Ocasio Cortez ran against an elitist and promised change, candidate Cortez in the pictures on the left, went on the road to Tornillo-Guadalupe port of entry gate, on June 24, 2018...

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Silk Summary 6-26-19

When you have ignorant individuals, who don’t know the basics of how the 3 branches of government functions, who thinks $92 Trillion over 10 years for free services is a basic right and that all Americans should care for...

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Silk Summary 6-25-19

We have had immigration problems for a number of decades! It is quite disingenuous of the media and the Left to be indignant about a problem, Clinton or Obama let fester and become problematic. In fact, the Bush team, both...

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Silk Summary 6-24-19

Don’t you love getting preached to about what this country needs and who is the perfect individual to lead it? Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has participated in a deception of her own and is the last person to lecture anyone on...

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