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Silk Summary 5-16-19

It seems the Democrats, no matter what has transpired over the last couple of years, with the phony dossier and the Mueller Investigation, would be a bit more circumspect about jumping off a cliff that has no safety net!...

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Alan’s Blog 5-13-19

Juan Williams has a piece in The Hill entitled, “Trump’s Scorecard is Rife with Losses.” Actually Juan, and I’m being gentle because I’ve had you on the program multiple times, you’re provably...

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It’s Your Money Dummies

Is it any wonder Americans are upset with our government and how they treat their citizens? And the way the scales of justice is blind, to those who constantly rub our noses in the fact they commit acts that would land the...

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Poetic Gourmette Tip Of The Day!

Eating right and adding some exercise is always the best way to feel better and help your body. Work, home life can be stressful and it takes a huge toll on your mind, body and spirit. Fad diets often leave you wondering why...

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Silk Summary 5-7-19

The Mueller Investigation has turned into the biggest hoax, farse, whitewash, this country possibly has ever seen! You have Hillary Clinton complaining that Trump stole the election from her, all the while, her campaign, DNC,...

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