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Silk Summary 7-22-19

Over the weekend a juicy story broke from the New York Post and it will be interesting if the any mainstream media outlets will pick this up! “Strapped for cash, Mayor Bill de Blasio turned to a state political account he...

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Alan’s Blog 7-22-19

THE HILL’s Juan Williams writes, “There is also no forgetting the racist lie (from Trump) that former President Obama — the nation’s first black president — was illegally elected because he was not born in the United...

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Silk Summary 7-22-19

It seems hypocrisy, is a luxury that only our lawmakers seem to partake in, on a regular basis! The lofty goals of the rabid Left, with their socialist ideology, believing it will cure the ills of America. Funny, it hasn’t...

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Silk Summary Part 2 for 7-23-19

Recently, I was made aware of a list of Socialist and Communist leaning Lawmakers in Congress. Some, have been in Washington a long time, keeping their head down, so as not to raise any red flags. Unfortunately, the “gang...

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Silk Summary 7-23-19

Ilhan Omar loves to incite hatred by citing opinions and trying to disguise them as facts! In one of her latest rants, she spewed: “This is our country, and we are where we belong. And I told people on my election night, in the...

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