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Silk Summary 3-18-19

Last Presidential election, the Democrats called the GOP field, a circus, clown cars. Now it seems, the clown cars have swung around, to pick up the Left. The candidates so far are touting “The Green New Deal”, not...

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Alan’s Blog 3-18-19

There seems to be some faux outrage from the Left and never-Trump Right over the President’s admonishment of the late Sen John McCain for killing the repeal of Obamacare – thereby preempting its subsequent...

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Silk Summary 3-12-19

Oh dear, not only does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not know her civics, she can’t string a sentence together ‘without’, ‘like’, ‘you know’, added for effect, dozens of times in her...

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Alan’s Blog 3-11-19

When Ocasio-Cortez says “Capitalism is irredeemable,” she forgets that Capitalism generates the very jobs and tax revenue that are required to finance all the government social programs she would otherwise protect....

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Silk Summary 3-11-19

The gift that keeps on giving! Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez just can’t help herself! She opens her mouth, spews such ridiculous nonsense, she obviously has no facts and casts blame to all those who believe...

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